"Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not."

francine a. lefrak
A new graduate of the Francine A. LeFrak Computer Training Program shows off her certificate.

The Francine A. LeFrak Foundation’s mission is to provide access to training, education and financial fluency for women to be economically secure and flourish. We believe that introducing women to the tools they need for financial courage enables them to face life’s challenges with strength.


Francine A. LeFrak Awarded Points of Light by President George H.W. Bush

Global nonprofit Points of Light announced it will recognize Francine A. LeFrak with this year's The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards.

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Our Vision

The Francine A. LeFrak Foundation envisions a world where every woman can achieve financial fluency. We are the champions, equipping women with resources and confidence.

Working in collaboration with organizational partners, the Foundation provides opportunities by creating pathways to training and education that will ultimately lead to an individual’s success. The Foundation is also focused on investing in the arts and preserving culture and history.

The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to ensure that all individuals have access to the basic necessities and are equipped to achieve general economic stability to ensure their personal independence. The Francine A. LeFrak Foundation prides itself in investing in people, on the ground organizations and physical spaces that will aid in the fulfillment of its objective and will positively influence the enhancement of individuals’ talents.

In the pursuit of its mission to help change the lives of those who need an opportunity to achieve success, the Francine A. LeFrak Foundation seeks to partner with like-minded foundations and organizations in order to have the broadest possible impact.

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The Francine A. LeFrak Wellness Center of New Jersey

The Francine A. LeFrak Wellness Center of New Jersey will provide formerly incarcerated women in the Re-Entry Program with access to medical, dental, and mental health care at no cost.


Francine A. LeFrak

Francine A. LeFrak is the President of the Francine A. LeFrak Foundation and the Same Sky Foundation Fund. A successful social entrepreneur, women’s rights advocate and philanthropist, Francine founded a trade initiative, Same Sky, to help women who were invisible become visible through the dignity of work. Her work with Same Sky began with survivors of the Rwandan genocide and continued in the US with women who were recently released from prison and needed a second chance. As a social entrepreneur, she has helped hundreds of women and girls to use their talents to find opportunities for success. Through job training programs and providing access to education, her foundations have paved pathways for people to rise out of poverty.

“The greatest philanthropy is the dignity of work.”

francine a. lefrak
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Bridge2Rwanda Scholarship Program Recipient

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“Thank you for giving me the privilege to benefit from an American education and for helping the talent of women to shine from your wings; now I have a reason to live through financial independence."
Wesleyan University Class of 2022
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Bridge2Rwanda Scholarship Program Recipient

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"I am going to be exploring how to make an impact through consulting where I will be challenged to tackle some of the most pressing issues globally."
Junior in Computer Engineering at the University of Notre Dame
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Per Scholas: 
Women in Tech

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"Anoa lost her job during the pandemic. Thanks to Per Scholas, Anoa graduated in Spring 2021 with her CompTIA CySA+ certification. Though she received multiple job offers, she chose a role as a Lead Analyst and now earns $70,000/year."
Alumni of the Per Scholas: Women in Tech program
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Brooklyn Workforce Innovations

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Lan was unemployed before enrolling in BWI’s training program. After graduating, she landed her dream job as a Production Assistant on a television series, where she earns $21/hour.
Alumni of Brooklyn Workforce Innovations
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Women in Need,
Francine A. LeFrak Computer Training Program

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"Sompassate immigrated to New York as a refugee and barely made minimum wage. After graduating from the LeFrak Computer Training class, she found a higher paying receptionist job moved out of a shelter into her own apartment."
Alumni of the Francine A. LeFrak Computer Training Program