Providing wellness services for formerly incarcerated individuals in Hudson County

The francine a. lefrak wellness center at njrc

Helping with a hand up

Providing comprehensive medical, behavioral, and dental care to foster successful reentry and improved wellbeing.


The Francine A. LeFrak Wellness Center at NJ Reentry Corporation

The Francine A. LeFrak Wellness Center is a dedicated clinic offering comprehensive medical, behavioral, and dental care to NJRC court-involved participants. With a significant portion of program participants facing addiction, mental health issues, and chronic illnesses, this innovative center, in partnership with the New Jersey Reentry Corporation, aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access for formerly incarcerated individuals. Providing on-site screenings and referrals, the center addresses the lack of diagnostic care experienced during incarceration, uncovering potentially serious illnesses like diabetes, hepatitis C, and HIV. Moreover, the Wellness Center acknowledges the impact of correctional trauma on mental health and offers linkage to mental health screenings for those who may have suffered abuse. Offering expanded substance abuse treatment, dental care, and access to appropriate treatment for underlying health conditions, the center plays a vital role in facilitating successful reentry and improving overall health outcomes for its participants.

To ensure that persons have a ‘hand up,’ health care, financial literacy, and employment training are essential. The Governor’s Reentry Training and Employment Center will now offer all three components to maximize reentry success

francine a. lefrak

NJRC Women's Project Conference 2021: Keynote Address with Francine LeFrak