Same Sky: Our Impact

The First Lady of Rwanda Mrs. Jeannette Kagame & Francine during her visit to Rwanda in 2016
The First Lady of Rwanda Mrs Jeannette Kagame & Francine during her visit to Rwanda in 2016.
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Same Sky: Rwanda

Same Sky celebrates the bond between artisan and consumer. Our handmade beaded jewelry and the beautiful woven baskets are inspired by the courageous stories of our women artisans. We have provided hundreds of women in Rwanda with marketable skills and steady employment—two crucial factors in rebuilding lives & communities. The artisan cooperatives provide them with a safe haven and forum to share their stories, accomplishments and worries. 

Our commitment to Rwanda extends beyond the artisan community.  We are committed to educating the next generation of talented students.  Through our relationship with the FAWE School hundreds of young girls are able to continue their education and pursue their passion for science.

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Program Updates

NEST Program

Thanks from NEST artisan Tracey

Ummmm, are Y'all made of magic??!!  Last night was absolutely incredible!  Not only was being able to speak to Francine one of the most memorable experiences, but I also had the opportunity to meet one of the managers of the Grand Bohemian hotel to discuss purchasing complimentary sized items for their guests!!  What a MAJOR account that will be for me!  I'm definitely going back to seal that deal.

I don't know how y'all do what you do, but I appreciate it with all my breath.

NEST Program

Letter from NEST artisan Gelenda

Sisters....I want to take this moment to simply say THANK YOU!!!

I've had to sit back and take a look upon the journey I'm on and reflect upon the "places" (situations) I've encountered.

I've often told clients in the past that some people can jump on the interstate and go from A-Z without any delays or detours. Others are faced with many obstacles which take them off the interstate and travel the many side roads. Those on the side roads are given an opportunity to learn new ways and see new things/places we would've otherwise missed traveling the interstate.

Well I'm the one who had to take the side roads. Along my journey I discovered my heart and brain hungered to release my creative gifts. Recently I was granted an opportunity to build upon these gifts by developing a solid & sound foundation courtesy of MAKERS UNITED, NEST, QUIRE, & other supporting entities.

I look forward to utilizing the tools and skills I've garnered to build my "business" 😄😄😄 and arrive at Point Z!

*(by the Point Z is NYC 😉)


Same Sky

Same Sky Dyeing Raffia

Same Sky

Same Sky Basket Weavers - Indego Africa

Indego Africa

Letter from Indego Africa, February 2020

Here is the group of Congolese refugee women that the Same Sky Foundation is supporting artisan and business education for (with another 25 women on deck to begin in August). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this possible. These women escaped being killed in the Congo and have been at the Kigeme Refugee Camp since 2012. I can't tell you what a difference it makes in their lives to learn new skills, earn an income for their families and be part of a group, working together - you can see it in their faces!
We also took a picture of the five women from the host community who have joined the group - Indego is one of the few NGO's who incorporate women from the host community with the work we are doing in refugee camps. This is viewed as innovative by the Rwandan government and UNHCR.
Indego Africa

Letter from Indego Africa February 2020

Photo from the Kigeme Refugee Camp graduation of the first cohort of 50 women Indego trained in 2019
Indego Africa

Letters from Indego Africa February 2020

One of the benefits Indego provides to artisan partners who are interested are onsite yoga classes. Here are some of the Imbera Heza (formerly Same Sky/Avega) women with a Rwandan yoga instructor. Taking a break from weaving the Raffia baskets you see on the side!


I want to thank you for your generous gift that made my education attainable. Through your support, I have accomplished much of what I never thought possible, especially attaining college education and in a great university outside Rwanda.


FAWE school

I had dropped out of high school because my parents could not afford to pay the school fees. My parents are peasant farmers and have a lot of children to take care of. When I was accepted into this scholarship program, it felt like the door to my future opened and I worked hard to achieve highly academically.


FAWE school

"Same Sky restored my focus and dreams for the future. I have many dreams, and plans, and goals. I was able to buy a small piece of land so I can grow my food and always have vegetables."


"Same Sky has restored my dignity. Same Sky has afforded me electricity in my house. Same Sky feeds my children. I had nothing, and now I am a woman, a mother - I am someone."