"People don't want aid. They want a life, they want respect, they want the opportunity to show how good they are."

Francine A. LeFrak
A cohort of the Operation Hope Launch & Grow program in Harlem

Meet Our Grantees

We build strong connections with our partners. Each grantee is selected based on 
Access to opportunities for those they serve, 
The quality of their programs, 
Their ability to track their impact, and 
Their alignment with the Foundation’s mission.

Francine A. LeFrak Foundation Center For Well-being

Barnard College

In 2020, Francine LeFrak and Barnard’s President, Sian Beilock, focused on the impact of financial well-being on a woman’s overall health. The Francine A. LeFrak Center for Well-Being was established to serve as a centralized hub for all wellness-related initiatives, including programs and workshops.  The Center represents the intersection for three pillars of wellness providing a 360-degree perspective of personal well-being: financial, physical, and mental

Same Sky Women in Tech Scholars

Per Scholas

Women have been left out of technology, the fastest-growing industry offering sustainable wages and growth opportunities. Partnering with Per Scholas, the Foundation established the Women in Tech Scholars Program. We provide funding for more than 200 women to enroll annually to attend the Per Scholas competitive technology training site in the Bronx and satellite sites in the other four boroughs.

A Per Scholas Student participates in a digital workshop at the NYC Learning Center..
Book Fund, Microgrant Fund, Food Pantry

Grace Institute

The Grace Institute empowers low-income women in New York City to become employed and economically secure. Through job skills training, soft skills workshops, counseling, placement services and continued education opportunities, more than 250 women each year see a collective economic impact of more than $3.5 million. 

A participant at the Grace Institute uses a book donated by the FAL Foundation.
Fashion Institute of Technology

Francine A. LeFrak Foundation Emergency Microgrants

At the start of the pandemic, hundreds of FIT students suddenly faced financial challenges severe enough to jeopardize their ability to pay for tuition. The Foundation provides grants that enable students to continue and complete their education.

A student at FIT celebrating her graduation.
Brooklyn Workforce Innovations

Francine A. LeFrak Foundation’s Tools of the Trade Fund

900 low-income New Yorkers travel to Brooklyn each year to take training that leads to careers with long-term potential, growth and advancement.

The "tools of the trade" micro-grant funds are used to remove barriers and provide access to materials and equipment that BWI graduates require to pursue their careers.

BWI Graduates working on butcher blocks that are sold by West Elm
LeFrak-Friedberg Scholars Program


Bridge2Rwanda was formed in 2007 to create opportunities for Rwandan students to study in the United States. 

The LeFrak-Friedberg Scholars Program supports 32 students from East Africa as they begin their studies at renowned universities in the United States. 

These Scholars are chosen based on their leadership, academic credentials, and passion to bring their newfound knowledge back to their country as change agents for the future.

Bridge2Rwanda students at Google’s New York City Headquarters during their 2020 visit.
Preserving Culture, History, & the Performing Arts

Harvard Kennedy School

Harvard Kennedy School improves public policy and public leadership across the United States and around the world so that people can lead safer, freer, and more prosperous lives. The Francine A. LeFrak Seminar Room for Gender Equity brings awareness to gender equity issues and provides a space for those studying these issues.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the Francine A. LeFrak Seminar Room for Gender Equity.