Today on International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the accomplishments of women.

When given an opportunity to grow and learn, women take it. What results are groups of women becoming more independent and gaining the respect of their families and their communities. We have seen women entering our programs, earning $6,000 a year. Upon completion we watch them move out of shelter housing and obtain jobs that provide stability and a salary of $36,000 or more.  

All that a woman needs is the opportunity for success and financial independence. We should remember that talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn’t.  Once a woman is given the “key” to open the door of opportunity, she will walk right through it and work hard to achieve her goals.  

I had the privilege of seeing the light shine in Janelle’s eyes as she participated in her program’s graduation in front of her two children. Through this program, Janelle gained self-confidence and began to dream again. Watching Janelle, as well as the other women, grow warms my heart and motivates me every day. You know that each one of them will take the tools they developed and will positively impact their lives, their families, and their communities.  Like so many women, Janelle has become a role model for others in similar situations.  Her story motivates them and helps them find the confidence to write a new chapter for themselves.

So, let’s think about Janelle as we celebrate all women today and continue creating opportunities for each one to achieve their financial independence and success.