How We Work

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
Participants during a job training class at the Grace Institute in New York.
How We Work

Our Approach to Grant-making

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Our approach to grant-making includes a considerable amount of due diligence to ensure that each organization is aligned with the Foundation’s overall mission and one of our three pillars (Eradicating Poverty, Education & Training, Preserving Culture, History and the Performing Arts).

Each organization is visited by a member of the Foundation’s staff, where the program is discussed, and the proposal is developed. An important criterion in our decision making includes the projected impact the program will have as well as the number of people who can participate. The Foundation with the help of a team of graduate students and scholars from the New School conduct a rigorous evaluation throughout each grant period and work with the grantee to understand accomplishments as well as challenges that they may face in delivering the program.

The Francine A. LeFrak Foundation becomes an active partner with each grantee offering guidance, support, mentorship opportunities and resources. We take an active role in our programs as we want to be fully engaged in each project we support.

How We Work

Our Impact

Through targeted partnerships and active engagement, the Foundation provides access to critical programs for clients of organizations. We focus on ways to scale strong programs and encourage others interested in our three pillars to join us in supporting organizations and programs that have been vetted and are proven winners. We encourage grantees to use our grants to leverage matching grants to expand their impact.

As a foundation, we are interested in results and engage fully with out grantees. We do not believe in providing funds and walking away. We are on a journey together to achieve our goals of providing opportunities for those looking for a second chance.

How We Work

Where Our Money Goes

Grants from the Francine A. LeFrak Foundation go to facilitate direct programs which will positively impact clients and participants of each program. We primarily focus on program support but understand that at times it is critical to offer infrastructure or operating support to further enhance a program or access to a program. The Francine A. LeFrak Foundation has a maximum grant amount that it will award to an organization during each grant cycle.

Recently Awarded Grants


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Francine A. LeFrak Foundation Computer Training Program

Brooklyn Workforce Innovations, Brooklyn, NY

Francine A. LeFrak Foundation “Tools of the Trade” Fund

Grace Institute, NYC

Book Fund, Microgrant Fund and Support of the Grace Institute Food Pantry

Operation Hope, Newark, NJ

LeFrak Foundation/Goldman Sachs Hope Inside

Operation Hope, Harlem

Microgrant Fund

Central Park Conservancy, NYC

Operational Support

Charity:Water, NYC

Operational Support

Bridge2Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda

LeFrak-Friedberg Scholars Program

Indego Africa, NYC

Same Sky Artisanal and Business Training Program in Rwanda


Same Sky Foundation Makers United Detroit

FAWE School, Kigali, Rwanda

Same Sky Scholars Program